Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Soloist

 "Everyday, everynight, he played for them. For the lost souls. Since 356 years.
They needed help, and he knew he was the only able to save them. Everybody knew it.
Since Topoletto died, he had no choice. The lost souls were appealing to him. So he took away his violin and left the common world.

He was called Maestro."

Dedicated to Matthew Watkins, the most inspiring fingerpainter I ever met.
Happy Bday Matt !

Check out Matthew's photostream !

And here's the process video:


 Happy Easter everybody !

Fingerpainted with brushes on ipod touch.

The Painter / The Chemist

I fingerpainted these for an artclass project. The theme was "play on ego", and I chose here to play between the Artist's personnality and the Chemist's one. That also represents my personnality, and my current hesitation upon my future studies choice -scientist or artist?

I displayed them printed, with the related painting playbacks. You can see it there:

(brushes / ipod touch)

Monday, April 26, 2010

The carrot revenge

Above is the 4th piece of our ping pong painting ! That's getting crazier and crazier :P
Here are the sketch & the painting process :
This one was in reply to that fantastic work : (by Borja Aguado)
Hope you like it !
(brushes+layers / ipod touch)

Carrots for my friend !

 Above is a fingerpainting I did for a great friend and artist Borja Aguado (check out his super artwork here ! ). We're starting a 'ping pong painting', and he made the first move :
I just had to reply !
(brushes / ipod touch)


 Some more clouds!

The painting playback is there:
Brushes / ipod touch / finger

Up !

A quick cloudy one, playing around with texturing & some nice brushes. And another tribute to Goro Fujita through the little flying :) -seen in two of his genius fingerpaintings: Cave Monster & Sparks.

Here is the painting playback, stroke by stroke. Enjoy !
Brushes on ipod touch.

The first snow

(10 rue du Château, view from my window.)

By nightfall, this lonely streetlight was mysteriously glowing through the first snow. I tried to catch this fabulous scene.

About 6 hours, fingerpainting, sitting on the windowsill. It's hard to paint from life :D!

My bro

Thought I'd have better practice again some basics. So here's a quick speedpainting from life (about 30 min) -my bro is a little slumped on his chair, that's why he looks quite "erased". Hope you like it !

Brushes on ipod touch.

Wild Eyes

 Fingerpainted on ipod touch with brushes app. To keep drawing some of these birdies :D

Waiting for the Show

Fingerpainted on ipod touch with brushes app. A great fun !

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Coming home

 Finger / brushes / ipod touch. Here is the sketch :

And here's the process video:

Saturday, April 24, 2010

The bunny's revenge

In reply to that super fingerpainting by Sergey Olmechenko , fingerpainted over my last pic bunny&carrot. No one can mistreat a bunny. Brushes app on ipod touch.


Finger / ipod touch / brushes. A lot of fun with the backgrounding !


Finger / ipod touch / brushes.


Fingerpainted on ipod touch with "bruches" app. Trying another style =)


 Brushes app on ipod touch. Up!


 Finger / ipod touch / brushes. I just HAD to paint those terrific Goro Fujita's bunnies ! You can take a glance on some of them here, here or here -and this last one is my favourite.

Requiescat in Pace

 After It's hard to die.
Finger / ipod touch / brushes app.
Playing around with the new brushes.

It's hard to die

 Finger / ipod touch / brushes app.


Some strange chickens surprising the crime... Fingerpainted on ipod touch / brushes app.

Dreaming of life mysteries

Fingerpainted on ipod touch with "brushes" app.


A quick one fingerpainted on ipod touch with "colors".
You can watch how it has been painted here, stroke by stroke. Enjoy !

Dark Bot

Fingerpainted on ipod touch with "colors" app. You can see how it had been painted there. Have fun!

The scene was inspired by a fantastic piece of Goro Fujita called The Rock. Check it out!

Great device !