Thursday, May 27, 2010

Hippo in Leeds

Here is my contribution to Fabric Lenny's project : Hyppos in Leeds. He invited us (me & some other fingerpainters) to participate in a mini project where each would have to make an hippo painting (using brushes), to be shown as postcard size images at the upcoming West Leeds festival (UK). So there I did !

By the way, Fabric Lenny's iphone artwork is absolutely awesome, you just HAVE to take a glance on it !

Finger, brushes app & ipod touch.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Sketching trees

I needed to draw some trees for an artclass project. So I took away my camping chair, left for the nearby forest and sat from a nice tree to another... Here's the result ! Such a great fun to sketch from life :D
Each took 45 min on average, apart from the third that was much longer (all these leaves, aah...). Probably some more to come in the next few days !

(Pencil on paper for this first.)
Ballpoint pen & black felt-tip on paper.

Ballpoint pen on paper.
Pencil on paper.
Ballpoint pen on paper.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Some medals for a super fingerpainter

In tribute to Susan Murtaugh, whose style and talent are more than genius.
I tried here to approach her painting style (mostly in the background), but I admit I didn't succeed in ! Next time I'll only use Sketchbook instead, it seems really more appropriate to make those "multiple lines" that are in the background.

Visit Susan's gallery here !

Fingerpainted from life on ipod touch, with brushes & sketchbook mobile.