Thursday, June 30, 2011

Toits et Moi


"Le monde actuel ne leur plaisait plus. Dans le ciel en revanche brillait la promesse d'une vie meilleure. Ils quittèrent leur famille, leurs possessions, et s'entassèrent dans un aéronef de fortune pour faire route vers le Haut. Les nuages étaient devenus plus accueillants.
On fit construire des antennes colossales pour garder contact avec eux." 

"They didn't like the current world anymore. On the other hand the sky shined with the promise of a better life. They left their family, their possessions, and crammed into a makeshift craft to set off toward the Top. Clouds had become more welcoming.
Colossal aerials were built to keep connected with them." 

Doigt, brushes et iPod touch, d'après l'antenne d'en face.

Sinon, quelques croquis: 

BIC on paper, from life.

BIC on paper, from life too. Really.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Tribute to Chris Riddell

Tribute to Chris Riddell  (BIC on paper) - View it hi-res !

Chris Riddell est certainement l'artiste traditionnel que je préfère. Il est mondialement connu pour ses illustrations de livres jeunesse, mais aussi pour ses cartoon hebdomadaires dans le journal The Observer.

Chris Riddell is probably my favorite traditional artist. He's famous worldwide for his amazing ink books-for-children illustrations, but also for his weekly cartoon in the Observer newspaper. A most inspiring artist !

His website --> HERE <--Son site

Friday, June 17, 2011

A Mouse & des Bidules

That first mouse is my reply to an open call for digital breakfast related artwork. If I'm lucky it will be part of a cafe based exhibition which will run alongside a series of artist residencies in Armley, Leeds, as part of the "ilovewestleeds" Festival. Again, thanks for Fabric Lenny, who shared the opportunity !
Cette première souris est ma réponse à un appel à des "hommages au petit-déjeuner". Si cette  pièce est sélectionnée, elle fera partie des 30 dessins exposés à Armley (Leeds, UK) lors du festival "ilovewestleeds". Merci encore à Fabric Lenny qui a partagé cette opportunité !

(Brushes sur iPod Touch)

La deuxième souris (en dessous) a été peinte sur iPad lors d'une démo en live pour JuraWebTV. L'interview complète et la demo seront sur leur site à partir du 15 août.
That second mouse (below) was fingerpainted on iPad for a live demo for JuraWebTV. You can see the whole interview and the demo on their website from August the 15th.

Cette dernière souris est en bonus et n'a absolument aucune raison d'être.
This last mouse is a bonus and has absolutely no reason to be.

Pour finir, quelques croquis récents !
Finally, some recent sketches !

(BIC & feutres)

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Stanislaw had a box for everything -part 3 & 4

3rd and 4th part of the mash with Matthew Watkins & Paul Jarvis ! Click here for the previous ones and more info about this mash.
3eme and 4eme partie de l'échange avec Matthew Watkins & Paul Jarvis ! Cliquez ici pour les deux parties précédentes et plus d'informations sur ce mash.

(Part 3 by Matthew) 200 Channels and nothing to watch

And the related story by Paul:
Pour lequel Paul a imaginé:

Precisely when Stanislaw had blacked out was not clear to him, but he sensed he was now waking into one of the old nightmares. Like when he was in the clinic and they were drugging his porridge.

From somewhere close by, in the dead tones of a hostage imprisoned in an interminable loop, a vaguely familiar voice was repeating the refrain: “Good evening, this is the news. You can’t box up emotion.” Cold-sweating, Stanislaw looked around him. His cartons had morphed into battered TV sets with screens striving primordially to burst into life, and hellish green swamp vapours were rising from the floorless depths of the Box Chamber. He shuddered.

The voice suddenly dissolved into eerie laughter that caused Stanislaw to start. The bad psychiatrist! Terrified now, he looked up, but the face on the screen was not the one he so feared. It belonged to a wild-eyed macaque which, as it caught his eye, broke off its cackling and enquired facetiously: “How you gonna cope wi’ life as a dwarf penguin, man? You got yourself a cool box wi’ fish?”

My response (brushes on iPad):
Ma réponse (brushes sur iPad):

(Part 4) Then, everything got crazy

And Paul's answer:
Et celle de Paul:

Without warning, but just as the good psychiatrist had once predicted it would, the office erupted in a cacophony of noise: glass shattering as words long repressed burst screeching through the screens and broke into a thousand fragmented letters, an escaped Fear Bird squawking in bewildered terror, a beach-hatted figure –whom Stanislaw recognised immediately as his old enemy Sub –baseball batting scarred nursery tunes off the violin he had once loved.
“You locked us away, punk! You locked us away!”
The voice was disconcertingly close, startlingly familiar. Stanislaw turned and gasped in horror, not so much at the sight of the pistol protruding from the screen as at the realisation that the hand holding it was attached to his ten-year-old self.
“Why did you do it, Stani? Did you really think we’d never get out?” The face behind the mask laughed mirthlessly and the hand pulled the trigger. Stanislaw felt his mind and body dissolve away.

Stay tuned ! We're waiting for Matthew's painting !

Monday, June 6, 2011

Stanislaw had a box for everything -part 1 & 2

Here we go, a new ping-pong painting ! I'm mashing art with Matthew Watkins, and the writer Paul Jarvis is following us with a fantastic story... We started with Matthew's masterpiece just below (brushes on iPad):

Un nouvelle collaboration commence ! Un "ping-pong painting" sur iPad avec Matthew Watkins, que l'écrivain Paul Jarvis accompagne à l'écrit... Nous sommes partis du dessin de Matthew juste en dessous:

 Stanislaw had a box for everything

Which inspired Paul the following story:
Pour lequel Paul a écrit:

"The first one had been the hardest. He’d been young then, of course, but the memories of trying to hold that lid on were still every bit as real as the smell of freshly cut cardboard in the operating theatre. Sometimes at night, amid the muffled hubbub from the rowdier prisoners in the upper boxes, it seemed to Stanislaw that he could make out the higher pitch of that first victim’s squeal.
At the moment, however, the office was unnaturally hushed. And that was not all. No sooner had he emerged from the theatre than Stanislaw saw that his desk was not as it should be: the boxing schedules and progress reports were no longer in their neat rectangular pile, but scattered haphazardly here and there, while three of the “souvenir” pigeon holes were darkly empty.
Stanislaw laid down his surgical towel and plunged into deep reflection. Of a sudden, his ears pricked up. The sound was unmistakable. One of the boxes was open".
I replied with that painting:
J'ai répondu avec ce dessin:
He even had a box for him, too. But this one was top-secret.

And Paul answered:
“One of the boxes is open.” The thought raced back and forthunchecked like a crazed moth across the uncluttered whiteness of Stanislaw’s middle-mind. Seconds, perhaps minutes, passed before – as the good psychiatrist had assured him it always would – the darkness of reason began to exert its calming effect on this latest mental intruder.

“Impossible,” he told himself. “The vacuum-locking system CANNOT fail.” Clutching the table, he blink-breathed to a countof thirty, then straightened up, relief exploding magically in his belly. “Unless…”

Panic-stricken now, Stanislaw pulled the table aside, fell to his knees and wrenched open the door to his Box Chamber. The bad psychiatrist had once punched him so hard in the solar plexus that he had felt like he was drowning in air. This was worse: the hands on the pressure gauge were swinging dangerously towards the vertical, the blue safety lights at the back of the Chamber were out, and there was no sign of life. He felt the hair he no longer had prickle terrified on his head, but there was nothing else for it. Stanislaw slid forward into the dark stillness.  

Stay tuned, the mash is only beginning !

Saturday, June 4, 2011


Mon petit dernier, basé sur la tête d'un inconnu endormi dans le train. Le pauvre homme en a pris un coup !
My very latest, based on the head of a train sleeping unknow. Relooked, renamed !

Finger, Colors & iPod Touch

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Sketchbook tout plein

Quelques bestioles & idées pour commencer, dont ce fameux Parapluie Multicolore - on en sait pour l'instant peu à son sujet, mais ça ne saurait tarder...
Some beasties & ideas to start, among them that mysterious Multicolored Umbrella - which so far we know very few about, but it can change soon...

Pour le reste, encore des croquis de gens. Chose notable: l'incroyable machine à thé à la menthe juste ci-dessous.
Then, people sketches again. Noteworthy thing: the outstanding mint tea machine below!