Saturday, November 20, 2010

Tribute to the Lightmaster

Dedicated to the fantastic fingerpainter Fernando Redada, who brings a new light onto fingerpainting. Be sure to take a glance on his photostream !

Finger, brushes & iPod touch


  1. My friend, I feel flattered by your tax my friend, I'm really flattered by your tax, especially a great artist like you, admire the freshness and detail of your work, thank you very much thank you, when you come to Spain do not hesitate to call me and we had a few beers and paint with fingers.

    best regards


  2. Glad you like it mate ! It's been a while I was meaning to fingerpaint something for you.

    And no problem about enjoying a beer with you, in Spain or why not at some IAMDA's event?

    Cheers !