Thursday, May 27, 2010

Hippo in Leeds

Here is my contribution to Fabric Lenny's project : Hyppos in Leeds. He invited us (me & some other fingerpainters) to participate in a mini project where each would have to make an hippo painting (using brushes), to be shown as postcard size images at the upcoming West Leeds festival (UK). So there I did !

By the way, Fabric Lenny's iphone artwork is absolutely awesome, you just HAVE to take a glance on it !

Finger, brushes app & ipod touch.


  1. enooorme!! il est trp classe =p

    bazil ;)

  2. I like your hippo (better than mine, oh well :)

  3. superb hippo!!!!

  4. Bazil, merci ! =P

    Julia & Mia, thank you fingerpainter friends ! Your kind words are always appreciated ;)