Friday, July 23, 2010

A Fantastic World

Dear visitor, welcome to my inner world ! You'll find here each information I managed to collect about it, roughly extirpated from my weird mind after terrible brainstormings. In case you'd want to learn more upon this or that creature, certain place, or even the rules that master this world, just email me. And I'll open my mind for you.

Bunnies are inevitable. You can't miss them here, they're everywhere. Of all kinds, of all height, they reign over this world. Very peaceful, they're without a doubt among the most clever creatures out there.

They mostly live on vegetables, but have a preference for carrots, which they particularely like well roasted.

Carrots are one of the numerous strangeness that lurks in the woods. They're endowed with an astonishing mimicry ability. Be careful of them! Usually, they just look like simple flying vegetables, innocuous, but sometimes they suddenly turn into huge glowing creatures...

I'll try to update this new page as often as possible. Check it back soon ! ;)

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