Thursday, September 8, 2011

MKG - Fingerpainters in Hamburg

Crazy times. A week ago, I attended a 3-days fingerpainter meeting in Hamburg, Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe. We participated in the Stylectrical exhibition, collaborated, shared tips, even led a "student" workshop ! 

*damn, am I to teach ipad art to that 30 years old art teacher ?*

Jonathan Grauel, Fabric Lenny, Kara Jansson, Luis Peso, Joseandrés Guijarro, Simone Kirschning, Gabriel Palacios, Thierry Schiel, John Bavaro, Gautier Coudor and Benjamin Rabe were there. The latter hosted us for an evening in his studio. A pretty nice one, with BLANK walls. I don't remember who made the first stroke, but after a minute we were ten to paint on it, with pencils, markers, brushes, fingers. Until 2am, we covered it and the pavement outdoor. Without a doubt one of the most awesome thing I ever experienced !

Below is a quick ipad brushes fingerpainting I did with Benjamin at the Museum:

And here are some inevitable BIC sketches, the harbor tower and a bunch from the Museum für Völkerkunde (Primitive Art Museum).


  1. so so glad you and goutier came, we had a great time!! merci!!

  2. so so thrilled to meet you all ! And looking forward to meeting again asap ! Merci à toi aussi !

  3. A pleasure to meet you young sir! You rock! until next time!!

  4. Yip yip, next time ! For more fun, creative, collaborative walls & fingerpaintings !